One of the biggest reasons that I hear entrepreneurs give for why they don’t want to add a video to their content lineup is because they think it is “too much work.”

And they are right..and wrong.

Video content actually isn’t any more work than a blog post or creating graphics for social media. In fact, it really goes hand-in-hand! (But how to repurpose your video content is a blog post and video for another day.)

But don’t worry, friend.

Today we are going to break down the basics that you need for RECORDING your amazing video content

(For tips on how to make the editing process easier, click here)

Decide which direction you will be recording your video in – vertical or landscape.

This likely depends on where you plan on sharing it so check here to see what is most appropriate for your platform of choice if you are unsure.

5 Things you will need to RECORD your video content:

A camera

I know, I know – duh, right? But here’s why I mention it – people think they need something fancy and this keeps them from moving forward. Honestly, unless you are shooting a wedding video, the camera on your smartphone is really all you need.

You could also purchase a stand to hold your phone or put a Flipstick on the back of your phone.

Good lighting

Natural light is best so shoot during the day near a window (the window should be behind your camera, not behind YOU).

If you don’t have natural light, buy an inexpensive ring light from Amazon. I recommend one that has a stand and holds your phone inside the ring which even distributes the light and doesn’t make shadows on your face.

A script or outline

Write down what you want to say but don’t just read off it! Think of it like a safety net beneath you, not like a harness wrapped around your waist.

(To learn how to use this in a way that isn’t distracting, check out this post with tips on how to look comfortable on camera.)

A prepared introduction

Explain who you are, who you help, and how you help them. Keep it short, simple, and clear.

Make sure you introduce yourself in EVERY video that you shoot because ideally, you are constantly growing your reach. People don’t know who you are!

A clear CTA (call to action)

End each video by telling the viewer the “next step” you want them to take – that can be to like, comment, subscribe, send you a message or email, download a freebie, or anything that encourages them to engage with you and your content.

Now you have the basics so…START RECORDING!!

*For tips on how to LOOK more comfortable on camera even when you are NOT, click here.