Want to know the absolute SCARIEST part about creating video content to grow your business? It’s actually NOT recording it (sorry to burst your bubble if that part of the process felt like Mt Everest to you)…

It’s loading that video to a platform and hitting the button that says PUBLISH because now all your hard work (and insecurities) are “out there” for the world to see (and have an opinion on).

Did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth? 🤢 Been there! (Check out this post on how to look comfortable on camera even when you’re not!)

And then there is the frustration of not knowing HOW to publish your content to even get it out there. 😣Been there too!!

But you (and I) need to push past the fear of what people think (haters gonna hate) and share that video because there is someone that needs to hear what you have to say and will benefit from the wisdom you have to share!

And when you finally get past that fear and are ready to go for it, here are

3 Basics you need to PUBLISH your video content

1 – Know your platform

Where are sharing this video? Because different platforms are used for different things by different people (and require different size videos!)

  • YouTube is generally where you will find long-form content that should be filmed in landscape mode (though they did start offering “YouTube Shorts” which are only up to 60sec) Check out this list of ideas for YouTube videos.
  • Instagram features Reels up to 90sec. The topics of these videos can range from pure entertainment to promoting your products/services to sharing tips & tricks. These videos should be recorded vertically. This is a great place to share repurposed content from your long-form YouTube videos.
  • TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform known for its funny lip-syncing videos though people share much more than just that. Check out this list of ideas for TikTok (also uses vertical video format).
  • Facebook is where you want to build your “insider community” within a FB group and share exclusive video content that isn’t available publicly on any of the other platforms above. Share vertical or landscape videos. Short or long form. Entertainment, educational, or promotional.
  • LinkedIn is used to build your professional brand as well as to network and make connections with other professionals. As per the LinkedIn site, your video content should consist of sharing your perspective on news stories, giving an insider look at an industry event you’re attending, or showing off a new product your startup just launched. This platform only allows videos in landscape format.

2 – Write an enticing Title & Caption/Description

  • Choose an SEO-friendly title that makes someone want to click & watch like:
    1. How To _______
    2. WARNING: Avoid doing ______
    3. # Best Tips to _______
    4. # Worst Ways to ______

    *Watch this video for some great tips on video titles!

  • Your caption or video description will vary depending on the type of video you are sharing, but should always include a:
    1. Hook – an opening statement to capture someone’s attention
    2. Insights – engage the viewer by sharing some important details or explanation
    3. CTA – give the viewer the exact next step(s) you want them to take when they are done watching your video
  • Use keywords, tags, and hashtags to make your video easier to find by those looking specifically for what you are talking about. Make sure they are relevant to your topic and think about what your viewer is asking – not what you know.

3 – Design an easy to read Cover/Thumbnail

Because so many people are scrolling on their phones, be sure your graphic is easy to read on a small screen. Use a clear font and bold, contrasting colors. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here! Canva has TONS of free templates!

Don’t have time for this?

I got you! Learn more about my video services or click here to send me some details about your video content and publishing needs and get a custom quote:

Let’s work together to get your videos published so they can start growing your business!!