Struggling to edit your videos?

Does it take hours that you don’t have and leaves you feeling frustrated in the end?

While recording videos take courage – editing requires a certain amount of skill. And that means it can be extremely intimidating if you don’t have it!

Here are 3 things you can do *while you are RECORDING* your videos to make the editing process so much easier!

3 Things You Can Do While You Were You Are Recording to Make Editing Easier

1 – When you mess up – don’t stop recording!

Stopping and starting the recording every time you make a mistake means trying to smash a ton of clips together later – and that is an editing NIGHTMARE!

Instead, when you flub your words, simply:

  • Pause
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Speak

By taking a minute to collect your thoughts, you create a “flat line” in the audio wavelength which will signal to you where you need to “clip and snip” later on.

2 – Avoid using filler words by hanging a list of main points next to your camera

Using a similar “pause,” when you need to remember what to as:

  • glance at your list without moving your body
  • look back at the camera
  • pick up where you left off

Again, you will see the flatline in your audio wavelength that lets you know where you need to make an edit. This helps your video on point and keeps you from needing to remove all the “uuhhhs” and uuhhms” later on.

3 – Record in good lighting and with good audio

There is nothing more frustrating than finishing a video and discovering there are shadows across your face or you sound like you are in a cave.

While you can use filters, lighting tweaks, and audio adjustments, it’s just easier to get it right the first time!

Set up your space using:

  • as much natural light as possible behind the camera first, then on either side
  • use a ring light if you need more light beyond that
  • record in a small space
  • OR use a microphone that you can clip to your shirt

(I am currently recording my videos in my “office” which is really my RV bedroom. Below is my current setup. It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done!)

By learning how to use these 3 tips, you’ll be able to edit your videos how you want, without spending hours on each video!

Don’t let the editing process be the obstacle that stops you from hitting publish!! Implement the tips I shared and start practicing.

Editing your videos is like riding a bike – it gets easier with practice. And soon enough you’ll be shouting, “Look Ma! No hands!!” 🚲