So you’re starting video marketing for your business and maybe just starting a youtube channel and you’re thinking,

I don’t have a big budget for these like major TV, quality production videos.
What am I supposed to do?!

I understand, my friend!

I’m going to give you the five places you want to spend your money earlier rather than later because it’s going to make not only creating and editing and producing and publishing your videos so much faster, but in the long run, it’s going to help money come in so that you’re already covering the money that is going out.

1 – Video Editing Software (for your computer)

Yes, there are lots of free options for editing software BUT the free versions can only get you so far! You will be glad you spent the money on the better features AND the time to learn how to use it!

Here’s the thing – if you’re creating marketing videos for your business and you’re on YouTube, that means your videos are not 90 seconds or less. You deliver quality content that is, bare minimum, five minutes or even up to an hour.

You don’t want to be editing those videos on your phone. You will go crazy! You want video editing software on your computer, on your laptop that will give you way more flexibility, way more abilities to do overlays, to do transitions, to do screenshots, all the things.

2 – Graphic Editing Software

The same principle applies here! Promoting your video online is KEY if you want people to find and watch it. You will save time and frustration if you have the ability to easily make great graphics.

You’re making these amazing videos, you’re editing them to look and sound good, and then you need to repurpose them!

Remember when we talked all about creating a distribution map – taking your source content on YouTube and sharing it on your secondary platform and leading platforms? You’re going to do that with graphics and reels.

The best way to do it is to sign up for a graphic editing program that allows you to create clear, on-brand graphics!

3 – Transcription Software

While it isn’t quite as important as the first 2, repurposing your video into a blog post, newsletter, and captions are much easier when the transcript is right in front of you to copy and paste from!

Invest in transcription software where you upload the video or audio file and it spits it back out an srt file to upload as subtitles for your YouTube videos. You can also download the text file and then use it to create your supporting platform content (like I am doing right now!😁)

4 – Task Management Software

You have a LOT going on, right? And you are struggling to post videos consistently is that there is so much you need to get done, right?

Having a system in place that helps you remember WHAT to do and WHEN to do it is so helpful!

Also, if you batch creating your content, you will know where different videos are at different points and what needs to be done. This is also key if you have a team of people and you have someone who’s helping you with your video workflow.

See The Complete YouTube Content Creation Workflow in action!

5 – YouTube Companion Software

Need help with…

  • knowing what content to create?
  • writing great titles?
  • what tags to add to your videos?

This software also simplifies your analytics so you can understand them easier and implement strategies based on them!