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Welcome to Issue #2!!

Welcome to Issue #2!!

Here is a quick breakdown of what you’re getting in this week’s issue:

Can’t see the forest for all the trees?


Last weekend, we headed to the Northern CA coast with my parents to visit the giant Redwoods and they did not disappoint!

Every step we took brought us deeper into the dense forest where the trees just kept getting bigger and bigger. It was easy to feel incredibly small and insignificant.

And my brain could not not think about how this little excursion related to growing a business…

The trees are your goals, your challenges, and your competition. The deeper you get into your business, the denser and the bigger the “trees” become.

You may feel small, ill-equipped, and even insignificant looking at these powerful giants looming over you.

The answer is not to start cutting down the trees (good luck with that!), but rather figure out which one to climb first and know how to climb it.

And I am here to help you with that…keep reading!

The Productivity Playbook: Mastering the Art of Prioritizing​

coffee, notpad and pen, laptop, Productivity Playbook: Action Academy Newsletter

The Productivity Playbook: Mastering the Art of Prioritizing


Importance: How crucial is this goal/task to your overall business vision? (think long-term here)

Urgency: How quickly does this task need to be completed? (think concrete deadlines/missed opportunities)

Effort: What amount of resources are required to complete it? (think creative energy, $, time, etc)

(Math Geek Alert 🤓) 

Now, assign a value of 1(low) – 10(high) to each of these 3 factors and do the actual math. (yes, even you math-haters should do this because it really helps!)

Choose the result of the equation with the highest value – that is your current priority!

It doesn’t mean it’s the “biggest tree” in the forest, just the one you need to climb FIRST. Stay focused on that one BIG tree and don’t stress about the others right now.

Marketing Marvels: The Art of Storytelling

Marketing Marvels: The Art of Storytelling​

White dog wearing glasses at computer, Marketing Marvels: Action Academy Newletters


I started my email with a personal story about my trip to the Redwoods, related it to my audience’s business struggles, and then even tied it back into my Productivity tip. Why?

Because using storytelling in your marketing is an incredibly effective way to connect with your audience by making your message more enjoyable, memorable, and relatable.

White dog wearing glasses at computer, Marketing Marvels: Action Academy Newletters

Project Prodigy: The Fundamentals of Effective Project Planning​

Project Prodigy: The Fundamentals of Effective Project Planning


1. Start by defining the desired end result with as much detail as possible.

2. Break the project down into smaller, manageable tasks & assign who is responsible for each along with what resources are needed.

3. Develop a realistic timeline, including “milestone markers” as mini-deadlines to help you stay on track.

(want me to walk through this WITH you? 👇)

Mindset Makeover: Setting ACHIEVABLE Goals​

Mindset Makeover: Setting ACHIEVABLE Goals


Why? Because they force you to create clear objectives and act as a roadmap, guiding your actions and decisions moving forward.

This, in turn, gives you the confidence to approach opportunities & challenges with determination, knowing that your efforts are purposable and attainable.

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