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Welcome to Action Academy!

Welcome to Action Academy!

Here is a quick breakdown of what you’re getting in this week’s issue:

The biggest problem with potential?


If you are like 99.9% of every other high achiever that has ever existed, at some point, you have been told you have “potential.”

Potential to succeed, to overcome, to conquer.

Potential to do more, go faster, make it farther.

And while others look at you from the outside and are blown away by all you have accomplished, you still feel like there is more you could do because of what you’ve already done.

But here’s the secret, and it’s a game-changer…

Potential is only the beginning, the spark, the starting point.

It’s the raw material, waiting for you to shape and mold into your own masterpiece. The truth is, potential alone won’t get you there; it’s the action you take, the strategies you employ, and the relentless pursuit of your goals that turn potential into reality.


So, let’s not dwell on the vastness of your potential. Instead, let’s channel that energy into concrete steps, actionable plans, and the unwavering commitment to transform your aspirations into achievements.


It’s time to harness that endless well of potential and turn it into a force to be reckoned with. Together, we’ll take your journey from “could be” to “definitely is,” and that’s a horizon worth chasing.

The Productivity Playbook: The “Two-Minute Rule” to Tackle Annoying Tasks​

coffee, notpad and pen, laptop, Productivity Playbook: Action Academy Newsletter

The Productivity Playbook: The “Two-Minute Rule” to Tackle Annoying Tasks


Choose a task that you need to get done but haven’t because it’s tedious (cleaning out your inbox, expense tracking, transferring/deleting pics from your phone, etc).


⏲️ Set a timer for 2min.
✅ Do the thing.
🛑 Stop when the timer goes off.
🔁 Do it again tomorrow.

Marketing Marvels Unleashed: Implementing the “Trigger Method”

White dog wearing glasses at computer, Marketing Marvels: Action Academy Newletters

Marketing Marvels Unleashed: Implementing the “Trigger Method”


The Customer Journey comprises four distinct phases: Problem Unaware, Problem Awareness, Research, and Purchase.


While many businesses concentrate on compelling their customers to “pull the trigger” during the research phase, you can take a more proactive approach.

White dog wearing glasses at computer, Marketing Marvels: Action Academy Newletters

A “trigger event” is that moment when a buyer moves from being clueless about their problem to understanding they need a solution.

By identifying the trigger events specific to your ideal clients, you position yourself to engage them before your competitors do, priming them to your solution long before they are conscious they even need it.

(ie. creating a newsletter your client/customer needs and enjoys so you are top of mind when they have the exact problem you solve and already know you have the solution!)

PRO TIP: Interview past clients/customers and ask them about the specific events that led up to them choosing your solution for insider data!

Project Prodigy: Creating a Project Timeline

Project Prodigy: Creating a Project Timeline


1. Assess the number of workflows needed and assign a quantity of time to set up them correctly.

2. Asses the number of assets needed and assign a quantity of time to create them.

3. Asses the number of people involved and assign a quantity of time for managing them.


Add up all the time. Double it‼️

Work backward from your launch date and add due dates for tasks to your calendar based on this timeframe.

Mindset Makeover:

Mindest Makeover: The future depends on what you do today.


When you take strategic, purposeful steps toward your goals, you not only pave the path to success but also gain a clearer understanding of your journey.


Each action, each decision, shapes your future and refines your business. So, don’t hesitate—embrace the power of taking action and transform your business into the vision you’ve always dreamed of. Your success story starts with the actions you take today.

Reader, I hope you found a few gold nuggets in this week’s Action Academy Newsletter. If so, I would love to hear them so hit reply and let me know!

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