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WHen you just need that one thing...for now

Ala Carte Services

Maybe your are just getting started and don’t even have a YouTube channel yet. Or maybe you have the whole video and social media thing take are of but want to maximize your reach wtih a blog or podcast.

I can do that too. 😁

You Got This

Video Strategy & Coaching Session (1 hour - $97)

You’ve got a great idea, or at least the beginning of a great idea…maybe…you think so anyway. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and let’s bounce some ideas around. I will ask questions that will help you find clarity. 

Do you want to talk shop about getting started with recording?
What equipment do you need? Where should you record? And, for the love of Pete, how to do get passed the nerves once the camera comes on?

YouTube Channel Setup

YouTube channel icon and header plus channel teaser video ($195)

The ideas are flowing and the videos are in the making. Now it is time to put them up where they can be seen! Let me help you get started creating a YouTube channel that shows off your personal branding and create a “teaser video” that lets people know why they are going to want to hit that Subscribe button!

Video to blog post

Video (or podcast) transcript turned into blog post + promo graphic (4 videos - $195)

You’ve got the videos. You’ve got the channel. Now you want to expand your reach with your content and make sure you are getting the most out of all that hard work! Bring in more viewers with an SEO blog post created from your video’s transcript.

Video to podcast and show notes

Video turned into podcast episode with show notes + promo graphic (4 videos - $195)

People love to watch, but sometimes they prefer to just listen! You can get your content out to a bigger audience when you share it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and all the other podcast-listening apps. Along with this, you will really maximize your reach with SEO show notes.

Video to podcast and show notes
Social Media Graphics

Graphics to repurpose your videos or podcast episodes on Instagram (4 graphics a week - $195/mo)

Work SMARTER, not harder! Instead of creating NEW content for your social media accounts, let’s use what you’ve already got! I can help you get ahead of the game with graphics and captions directly from your video or podcast and get your audience hungry for more.

Media kit mock up
click to view webpage

Media Kit webpage and PDF ($47)

So you’ve got the YouTube Channel or the podcast (or both!) and are looking for some guest interviews to get yourself infront of a bigger audience but don’t know how. This is the answer! 

Media kit mock up
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Let's Do This

Grow and Scale Your Business
with Video

Did you know that 76% of businesses using video marketing had an increase in traffic? Don’t miss out on this crazy opportunity to reach your audience and get them to your website!
If you are looking for more support, check out my Video Creator Support Packages