• Climbing the Goal Setting Mountain: How to Conquer Overwhelm + Take Action & Finally Make Progress!

    Too much to do and not enough time to do it!​ I feel like that phrase is an invisible tattoo on every entrepreneur’s creased forehead. So what do you about it because time isn’t something you can make more of, right?

    Last week, I shared why it is so important to create a feasible, short-term vision for your business that you can work towards. If didn’t get a chance to listen to that episode, be sure to go back to it because I laid out a simple, but extremely effective process for doing this oh-so-important first step in creating a strategic action plan for your business.

    Today, we are going to discuss the next step: how to prioritize goals that will help you realize your vision AND, more importantly, how to create a plan so you actually acheive them.

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  • 98% of People Fail to Acheive Their Dreams: Here’s What the 2% Do Different!

    Your big dreams might be what’s killing your small business. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out…

    Dreams, by their very nature, exist in the realm of imagination, detached from the nitty-gritty of reality.

    You might argue, that lots of hugely successful people have achieved their dreams and that’s a fair point, but how common is that?

    How many more people don’t acheive those big, lofty dreams for their future because they remain distant mirages, lacking the power to stir a person to actually take action?

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  • When Bad Habits Catch Up to You

    Welcome to Action Academy! Here is a quick breakdown of what you’re getting in this week’s issue:

    – How to Stay Calm Under Pressure
    – The Importance of Personalizing Your Message
    – The Art of Delegation
    – Seeing Setbacks as Stepping Stones

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  • Growing Pains and Gains

    Welcome to Action Academy Newsletter Issue #4! Welcome Reader,
    Here is a quick breakdown of what you getting in this week’s issue:

    – How to Work Together While Working Alone
    – The Importance of Standing Out From the Crowd
    – Making Meetings Less Miserable & More Effective
    – Why Networking is the Key to Your Biz Growth

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