• A Hero’s Journey That Every Mompreneur Can Relate To!

    Perhaps I am over-dramatizing my son’s afternoon learning to ride a bike without his training wheels, but learning something new is never without its ups and downs.

    This is as true for a 6 yr old as it is for a 36 yr old. There is a goal you wish to achieve. There is a struggle while you learn a new skill.

    Watch the journey here…

    As a Mompreneur:

    You must battle fear and insecurities and keep trying in spite of them.
    And then you experience success!!!
    Followed by failure (and possibly a bloody knee).
    You get patched back up and try again…and again…and again.

    Success comes eventually, though maybe not all at once.

    The journey may contain many more challenges and you may incur much bigger injuries along the way.

    (This wasn’t my son’s first day of learning to ride without training wheels, but it is by far the most successful – and also contained the biggest crash yet!)

    But you don’t give up.
    You push forward.
    You persevere.

    But the title contains the word “journey” and not “triumph” or “destination” because we never really arrive, do we?

    There is always another mountain to climb and that’s okay.

    As long as you remember to take in the view from the one you are standing on top of right now.

    There is no real way to “balance” being a mom and an entrepreneur.

    Some days you have to focus on one more than the other.

    Some days you are a rock star at one and fail miserably at the other.

    This vlog is my journey as a wife & mom who is homeschooling her 3 kids while living in a camper in Montana all while starting my own business as a “Video for business Creator & Strategist.” (Is that even a thing? I don’t even know!)

    My ultimate goal is to have a successful online business that provides full-time for my family while still being present with them.

    If that’s your journey too, I am sure you will relate to lots of this content and I would love for you to join me!

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  • How to LOOK Comfortable on Camera (even when you’re NOT)

    There is nothing more nerve-racking than seeing that blinking red light that’s letting your know a recording is in progress! 

    Am I right?! 😬

    I started making videos years ago as a direct sales consultant who did 100% of my parties online. I wanted to demonstrate the products I loved so much and transfer my excitement for cleaning supplies to the women on the other side of the screen.

    (Scroll to the bottom of the post to find out exactly how comfortable I got!)

    Here are a few things I learned to do that really helped!

    1 – Look directly at the camera and not at yourself on the screen

    This will allow you to make “eye contact” with the viewer and builds the Know, Like, and Trust between you and a potential customer or client.

    2 – Smile and use intonation when you speak.

    Ironically, many people get so nervous that they repress the ebb and flow of their voices. No one wants to watch a video where you look like you are miserable and sound like the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    Where are my 90’s babies at?!!

    3 – Keep notes or an outline handy.

    This helps you from being overly stressed about remembering everything you want to say.

    PRO TIP: When you need to look down, finish a complete sentence, pause, glance down, look up, pause, smile, and start talking again. Then simply clip this section out when you edit your video.

    *If you are doing a Live video, use a sticky note next to your phone/camera. It’s okay to glance at it from time to time, no one will care! Just don’t read off it the entire time.

    4 – Finally, the BEST tip is to practice what you want to say in front of the mirror.

    Will feel stupid and even more awkward at first? Yes! But you will get a much better idea of what your audience is seeing and it will make you more aware of your bad habits
    (And if you are worried your family will hear you, shut your bathroom door and turn your fan on to help muffle the sound 😂)

    So just how comfortable did I eventually get on camera?

    It took some time and a LOT of practice, but I actually got to the point where I was comfortable enough to go Live on FB while sitting on my toilet (lid closed, I wasn’t using it!), wearing a crown (cuz I was the “Mean Green Cleaning Queen) while talking all about how I loved my toilet brush.

    Yup, I seriously did that. 😂

    You may not be quite that crazy, but you can still benefit from these tips to look comfortable on camera even if you’re not.

    I would love to know which one is the most helpful to you so comment on this post and let me know!!

  • 4 Video EDITING Tips for Beginners

    This is probably the step in the video content process that stops most people dead in their tracks because they don’t even know where to start.

    And I get it! What kind of editing software should you use? How do you add special effects like music, text overlays, and transitions?

    It’s just so complicated!!

    Editing videos can be tricky at first but, just like riding a bike, the more you do it, the easier it becomes and you’ll be yelling, “Look Ma! No hands!” in no time if you don’t give up.

    Here are 4 basic tips that will make editing your videos easier so they are ready to be published fast and easy.

    Don’t stop the recording and start a new clip

    If you mess up, just pause, take a deep breath, smile and start talking again. This prevents you from having a ton of clips on your phone that you have to fit together later.

    Then, when you are editing your video, simply cut and delete your mistakes.

    Be intentional about your INTRO and OUTRO to the video

    Start your video explaining what the viewer can expect to see, then introduce yourself.
    End your video by thanking the viewer for watching and giving a clear CTA (Call To Action).

    Later, you can add music and/or a title slide to make the video look more professional.

    (Learn more about these – How to RECORD Video Content for YouTube & Social Media)

    Use text overlays

    As you explain steps to a process or make important points, having text on the screen helps your audience have a clearer understanding of what she should be taking away from the video. Most video editing software makes this super simple.

    Music makes your video more entertaining

    That being said, make sure it is instrumental music (lyrics will be distracting) and the volume is quiet enough that your voice can easily be heard. Another option is to just use music during your intro and outro of the video.

    A few other thoughts…

    Create a folder on your computer or the Cloud and keep your script, cover graphic, raw video footage, editing software project file, and final video.

    *This is important in case you later see a mistake and need to go back and re-edit your video OR want to grab short clips to promote your entire video.

    Editing software ranges from super simple to extremely complicated. Here are a few of my favorites:

    • Consider starting with a free app like InShot on your phone, it works great! 
    • For longer videos or if you just prefer to work on your computer, my personal fav is Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. The annual subscription is worth every penny.
    • Lumen5 and Canva have slide deck templates that you can use but you have less freedom to get exactly what you want.

    *Personally, I use all of these tools for different types of videos, but I suggest you start with one, play with it, and add another over time.

    Think this all sounds great but still rather NOT do it?

    Good news,
    I can do it for you!!

    Click here to learn more about the Video Creator Support Packages that include a strategy session, video editing, YouTube channel assets, and promotional graphics!

  • How to RECORD Video Content for YouTube & Social Media – 5 Basics for Beginners

    One of the biggest reasons that I hear entrepreneurs give for why they don’t want to add a video to their content lineup is because they think it is “too much work.”

    And they are right..and wrong.

    Video content actually isn’t any more work than a blog post or creating graphics for social media. In fact, it really goes hand-in-hand! (But how to repurpose your video content is a blog post and video for another day.)

    But don’t worry, friend.

    Today we are going to break down the basics that you need for RECORDING your amazing video content

    (For tips on how to make the editing process easier, click here)

    Decide which direction you will be recording your video in – vertical or landscape.

    This likely depends on where you plan on sharing it so check here to see what is most appropriate for your platform of choice if you are unsure.

    5 Things You Will need to record your vidoes

    A camera

    I know, I know – duh, right? But here’s why I mention it – people think they need something fancy and this keeps them from moving forward. Honestly, unless you are shooting a wedding video, the camera on your smartphone is really all you need.

    You could also purchase a stand to hold your phone or put a Flipstick on the back of your phone.

    Good lighting

    Natural light is best so shoot during the day near a window (the window should be behind your camera, not behind YOU).

    If you don’t have natural light, buy an inexpensive ring light from Amazon. I recommend one that has a stand and holds your phone inside the ring which even distributes the light and doesn’t make shadows on your face.

    A script or outline

    Write down what you want to say but don’t just read off it! Think of it like a safety net beneath you, not like a harness wrapped around your waist.

    (To learn how to use this in a way that isn’t distracting, check out this post with tips on how to look comfortable on camera.)

    A prepared introduction

    Explain who you are, who you help, and how you help them. Keep it short, simple, and clear.

    Make sure you introduce yourself in EVERY video that you shoot because ideally, you are constantly growing your reach. People don’t know who you are!

    A clear CTA (call to action)

    End each video by telling the viewer the “next step” you want them to take – that can be to like, comment, subscribe, send you a message or email, download a freebie, or anything that encourages them to engage with you and your content.

    Now you have the basics so…START RECORDING!!

    *For tips on how to LOOK more comfortable on camera even when you are NOT, click here.