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Marketing Services

WHen you need to get the word out there again...

and again...and again

The key is to work SMARTER, not harder! Instead of creating NEW content for your social media accounts, let’s use what you’ve already got! 

Content Re-purposing ($240/mo)

Get ahead of the game with a months worth of graphics and captions directly from your video, podcast or interview that make your audience hungry for more.

*This package includes 4 graphics per video/podcast/blog post each week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Do you have all this written content full of gold nuggets just waiting to be treasured but no one is reading it? Think you could get more action if it was all in video form (you’d be right) but don’t have the time to record it?!

Turn your blog posts into informational videos and embed them on your website, share them on social media and publish them on YouTube to maximize their reach.
(check out an example HERE)

*This package includes 4 videos (1 per week) 

Media Kit PDF ($50)

Are looking for some guest interviews to get yourself in front of a bigger audience but don’t know how? This is the answer!

Whether you are a coach, podcaster, author, influencer, or small business owner – Media Kits put your best work all in one place and can work for ALL types of entrepreneurs.

Media kit mock up

Monthly Email Newsletter graphics & layout ($80/mo)

Remember all those people that cared enough about what you had to offer that they gave your their coveted email address? They are your most engaged audience so don’t forget to let them know when you have created great content that they don’t want to miss! 

BONUS: YouTube channel icon and header plus personalized channel teaser video ($160)

The ideas are flowing and the videos are in the making. Now it is time to put them up where they can be seen! Get started with a YouTube channel that matches your brand and create a “teaser video” that lets people know why they are going to want to hit that Subscribe button!

Let's Do This

Grow and Scale Your Business
with Video

Did you know that 76% of businesses using video marketing had an increase in traffic? Don’t miss out on this crazy opportunity to reach your audience and get them to your website!
If you need help producing your videos, I got you covered!

Not exactly sure what you need help with just yet?