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Content Repurposing


It’s time to work smarter, not harder!!

OPTION 1: Re-purpose your content with graphics and captions directly from your video, podcast, or blog post and get your audience hungry for more.

Each week, you will get 4 graphics with captions that pull content directly from your words and point people to the video/podcast/blog post they came from.

OPTION 2: Turn your blog posts into engaging informational videos! Get 4 videos (1 per week) to increase your reach with the content you’ve already created.


OPTION 1: Get an entire month’s work of social media done for you! Get 4 graphics each week for 1 of your videos, podcast episodes, or blog posts for 4 consecutive weeks.

OPTION 2: Turn your blog post into an informational video! 4 blog posts –> 4 videos

*After your payment clears, you will receive a form to indicate which option you are choosing. 4 day turn around time for graphics and videos, additional cost if graphics are needed within 48hrs




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